You Must Choose Something Different

Welcome to the Hunt. I would have you consider that there’s a daily journey that most of us find ourselves in. Searching for clarity & certainty in this daily game of life. I would have you consider that accepting “Good” doesn’t have to be the norm any more. Questions & answers like the following have become all the norm. They are safe questions and even safer answers.

How are your kids?….Good ; How’s your marriage?….Good; How’s your Wife or Husband?…Good; How’s work?….Good. Since when did “good” become so acceptable? It’s so easy for it to just roll off our tongues to these questions. Half the time I don’t think we believe that its even that Good! When you were younger did you dream that one day you’ll strive for good in all the various areas of your life?

Consider that you can be more than “Good”. In all areas of your life. In your areas of Fitness, Family, Faith, & Finances. The fact is that as adults we have built up scars through experiences, marriages, failures, & stresses. These scars play out in the form of stories that are often trigger us in certain ways. They cause us to feel a certain way and therefore, act or not act in a certain ways. They can suffocate us. And so being good is the safe play. We get us to asking ourselves “What If Questions” instead of “What if I don’t” Questions.

So our stories play out in such a way that we’ll ask what if I decided to take this loan, or take this Job?….Its a way of thinking based on past experiences. How about asking….What if I don’t?

Where in the areas of your life across the domains of your fitness, family, faith or connection, & finances are you asking the wrong question? Your asking “What If I Do” instead of “What If I don’t.”

“You Must Choose Something Different… if you want your life to be different”


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