The Weight Is Real!

Can we agree? That’s time to start being honest.
Maybe it means to start… NOT BEING AFRAID to be honest.
~Honest about your fears.
~Honest about your daily addictions and struggles no matter how small you feel they are. ~Honest about just being real about your feelings that suffocate you and as result freeze you. ~Honest about how your marriage is. (We say its good! Oh how wonderful! Job well done on being Good) ~Honest that your tired of just being and living “good” in all areas of your life. Isn’t it just tiring being good.
Also lets stop pretending everyone and ourselves are perfect. Lets stop hiding and refusing to share with others. Remember everything is “Good!” So there’s nothing worth sharing that might help others?
Consider that there no greater freedom from slavery (and your own box) than to be free to share with others. And to not be afraid to do so.

Why are we so afraid of judgement from others? Who cares!

*What are you afraid of and struggle with? *As a result how does that make you hide and limit your possibilities of becoming who you were meant to be? *What can you do today to release yourself from that bondage?

Leave a comment I’d love to be a part of your conversation. Your share & insight helps set me free!
Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!

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