How do we define the 3 Pillars of Clarity Hunt in simple words and thoughts?

Awaken, Purge, Out with the old, In with the new, Wanting more, worthiness, who do you want to become, why do you want to become that person, how would you feel to be that person, Yearning, Longing, wanting to feel wanted.

Lion, Lioness, Put in the work, Purposeful, Intentional, Habits, Routines, Structure, Journey, Becoming, The process, Grinding, Showing up, Commited

To the voice that speaks to you, Meditation, Revelation, Direction, Mindfulness, Selfawareness,
Awareness of others, Instinct, thoughts, Intuition, Discernment.

Outcome, Results, Balance, Act of being and becoming, Knowing Purpose.

The 3 Pillars above when committed too will result in more Clarity in your life. NOT PERFECTION! Perfection doesn’t exist. Life is constantly changing, and we either do the work or we don’t. FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE PROCESS OF BECOMING IS ESSENTIAL!

There are good days and there are bad days in commitment for everyone.

However understand your ability to find Clarity will be the direct result of how much work you are willing to do on yourself consistently and where you are going and who you want to become.

When you begin to falter and stop SEEKING you will know longer be able to hunt and listen. There will be nothing that speaks to you. If stopping understanding who you want to become and why you want to become that person, you will not enjoy the process and perfection doesn’t exist!

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!

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