Only Pain Causes Change

Pillar I. of Clarity is Seek.

Here’s what is interesting about what I call to SEEK. We start to SEEK in our own lives when we are desperate for a change. Seeking is the beginning of a journey and understanding that you will be starting the HUNT for your truth. This Truth is yours. It’s your path and everyone else will have there own. A calling and a voice that tells you to GO! There are some this doesn’t apply to, but there are also many that aren’t aware of how much self-care and self-awareness play important roles in the expansion of their lives.

The truth is that for many the pain of not needing to do anything different in their lives to change just isn’t great enough. And that is a good thing for those that don’t need to. I’m of the thought that most everyone has an area that they avoid confronting change. They ignore that area and act like everything is fine. Unfortunately the reality is that the pain in that area of their life just isn’t great enough. But it is just “Good Enough” for them.

The flip side is that there are many carrying around a pain and a baggage that is so great on a daily basis and Men and women feel stuck and don’t know how to move on from the pain…such as loneliness, heartbreak, emptiness, being out of shape, broken relationships, financial difficulties, seperation, worthiness, & confidence, to name only a fraction of the hurt that people feel.

Pain accumulates and accumulates and we will carry it until the burden gets too great and we have no choice but to seek for a better way to do things differently.

If the pain is so great in areas of your life. Consider it’s not too late to change and to SEEK for a better way, HUNT for your calling and who yo want to become, and therefore be able to LISTEN and get clear.

Question: Where in your life is the pain starting to be so great that you need to make a change?

Question: Where has there been a voice speaking to you asking you to change, but you’ve ignored the knocking?

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!

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