Forgive Yourself

Now more than ever.

Current events have really cemented my belief.
On how important it is to find true peace with yourself.


*You like the journey your on
*You can feel comfortable,with your own thoughts when you or forced to be quarantined.
*You can see the good all around you that can be learned and taken. Even in the midst of so much pain, heartbreak, and chaos.
*Understanding You can control only how you yourself respond.
*Understanding that, no matter how dark the valley we walk through, we are still not victims. But we have the ability to INTENTIONALLY choose.


Its not about being perfect and being in control every second and minute of the day.

Its about net growth. About forgiving yourself and not beating yourself up about thoughts, stories, and feelings that flood your mind.

What it is about….is recognizing those triggers and thoughts, and then being able to climb your way out of them and back onto your path.

So don’t beat yourself up. Forgive yourself and move forward.

Where in your current situation are you not forgiving yourself for feeling what your feeling?

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt! 🖤

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