I’ve Been Away For A Bit!

So you may or may not have noticed. Most likely you havn’t noticed. I haven’t blogged in a few weeks or even kept up much with my other social media outlets.

Yes I will say the voice had begun to go dark for me a bit. This is the voice that speaks to you and I when we are connected daily to our thoughts and the universe. What that is for you….you hear it and it tells you things.

For some its God, for others its a higher power, source, universe, …you name it.

In the daily game of balancing Family, Faith(spirituality), Fitness, and Finances there are goals that we set that some days take priority to level up in. Leveling up in these areas, that need leveling, then will influence the other areas your life.

Sometimes certain areas of your life need to be put on pause in order to go war and level up in other areas. This is perfectly fine when its done intentionally. When its not done intentionally is when are really operating in life without a rudder.

For me my time away the last few weeks was to level up in business and finances. It was a voice I heard that said….ITS GO TIME! PUT THE OTHER AREAS ON PAUSE A BIT!

Know that it’s ok to pause a bit in one area in order to level up in another. After all it’s intentional and therefore serves your overall purpose and who you see yourself becoming.

QUESTION: Are there any areas in your life you need to put on pause so you can level up in another?

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt.

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