This is where it started for me!

October of 2018 started my path of change. This song Mysterium by the Artist Hammock, was presented to me in an online course that moved me to the core.

At the time I was 40lbs over weight, hurting emotionally, disconnected from my wife and sleeping on an air matress in the basement for 3 years. I was disconnected from myself spiritually, in debt up to my eyeballs, I disliked myself, I felt like every day if just made it through the day it was a win.

I was hurting, I felt unwanted, unloved, unworthy, and paranoid of what others thought about me. (All this was a result of my own actions and was my fault)

One day In October of 2018 I felt the world closing in on me and I needed help and needed to make a change. I was so far down the only place to go was up. But it was up to me.

The hardest part of changing your life is knowing that you know it’s going to take a long time to fix what you’ve broken and taken for granted for so long. That’s why you’ll have to know how badly you want to change and then it will still only be up to you and how committed you are.

In most cases, the decision to change will only happen when the pain becomes to great to remain the same. Then you’ll need to keep focused on why your changing and who you want to become.

Are you ready to change the areas you need to change? Or is the pain not great enough yet? Perhaps there’s something you need to fix now before the pain becomes to great?

What is that area for you?

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!

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