Just want to say how appreciative I am to have an outlet like this to express my thoughts. It’s away for me to let my feelings out. It is a form of journaling for me in hopes also that maybe someone else can of say….hey I can kind of can relate and thank you for sharing because I thought I was the only one.

There is no judgment here from me. The fact is I believe there are many of us that feel broken on different levels and we are just looking for a way to let it out. We are just trying to figure this shit out! We don’t need someone to solve it for us…we just need to find out how to save ourselves and hear our own voice and how that directs us. We just need to know that….because we know ourselves…..we can know others.

We need to understand that sometimes what we’ve been taught to believe is true for us by others..just isn’t really true for us. We are all individuals looking to live the best lives that we an individually live. And ones that mean the most to each of us on different levels.

A few years ago I was broken and lost. Rather than go into details…it was just one of those things where making it through the day and putting on a brave face was a victory for me. I was merely surving.

I’m far from perfect now but in 2018…I was a train wreck! I admit it! I was toxic to my wife, no relationship to my kids, I had a house I just lived in…but slept on an air matress by myself in the basement for the previous 2 years.

I felt empty, unwanted, alone, and constantly thinking I can’t believe who I’ve become. I was rudderless without direction and I didn’t know how to save myself or where to begin.

A blog site like what I’m doing here allows me to share in real time how I’m feeling or what Im going through. Its also a form of anxiety management.

This site is an intentional tool that I use to manage my fullfillment/spiritual side of my Journey.

Thank you for listening! Thank you for liking. Thanking for not judging. Thank you for just being present with me. I appreciate you all.

Love coming at you!

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!

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