What a year 2020 has been. I would imagine, that you like I, have weathered a wide range of emotions.

The fact is this year has truly tested everything I said and say I’m committed to doing and achieving for myself.

As I think about this year, I cant help to be thankful for the change I committed to during the winter of 2018. Its been a 180 reversal for me.

I was in so much emotional and physical pain back then that, out of necessity, I had to change every bit of who I had become.

It has been just shy of 2 years now since I began to work on myself. I could no longer accept who I had become after years of neglect.

Who I have become as a result of the work has allowed me to weather the current storm of change that has been thrusted on all of us this year.

Back then these uncertain times would have broke me.

My journey started in search of the light. Which will only be found once you are willing to confront the night and the darkness you hold onto inside.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


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