You’ll Know When You’ve Drifted Too Far

Sometimes you can’t be all things at once. I believe that’s the goal but it’s the goal that gives us the purpose of the Journey. Trying to achieve success in the major areas of our lives.

However, understand that you’ll have to put down on pause a couple areas of your life in order to address another or in order to just make it through the other side of your current situation.

That’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up. After all that will be a victory and you’ll learn and grow in that one area.

So make it through, then make sure you don’t drift too far from connection with yourself and your ability to hear and listen for you purpose. It will happen if you go dark for too long.

Stay connected to yourself and self love so you can continue to discern your way.

Seek, Hunt, Listen…..Stay In It!

(Video & Music By: Hammock; One Another)

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