“Once was lost, now I am found”

I use to think that people were full of it.

When I would here people talk about being better than we are in the areas of fitness, spirituality, family, and finances/business.

That is because at the time I could care less and didn’t even want to here about it.

I was happy with drifting without a purpose in all those areas. Sometimes all at once, sometimes 2 areas, or 3 areas.

Being reactive rather than recognizing there could be more that would start from awakening myself from the inside out.

Only then could I begin to see again the possibilities.

In Chrisianity it’s about the lyrics, ” I was once lost but now I am found.”

Perhaps being “found” for you also needs to be the additional work you do outside of what your faith teaches.

Revelation is found through daily habits and routines.

When you seek revelation, you will discover a deeper level inside of yourself.

You will see and listen differently.

However you’ll only begin to seek when you find it absolutely necessary.

Like….you have no other choice.

Eventually you’ll realize how important it is to be able to lead yourself, so you can even begin to think about leading other.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!

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