Appreciation & A Smile Has Powerful Energy

So part of daily game of Clarity Hunt is about being intentional in our actions on a daily basis across multiple areas of our lives in Fitness, Family, Faithfulness, and Finances. Party of the daily game in being successful in this intentional living is being able to combat the negative thoughts and stories that ultimately some how decide to penetrate our Noggins! Experts estimate that we process between 2500 to 3000 thoughts per hour. Thats right! Per hour!

So with this many thoughts entering our minds its essential we are able to intentional accept and reject certain thoughts that don’t serve us. Here’s where the power of Appreciation and a Smile I found helps. I’ve found that focusing on being appreciative, smiling, and deep breathing, brings into the present. Helps me to focus on where I am now rather than what is to be in the future and whatever those thoughts are trying to tell me. Some may serve me but the others that don’t I want to get rid of.

StayInIt! Welcome To The Hunt!

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