What You Know Is More Important Than What You Have Been Taught!

So this quote from above from Ralph Waldo Emerson is amazing. My journey the last 6-7 months started with the need to break free of the “stories” that had imprisoned my mind and caused me to be stuck for a very long time across all areas of my life. Like I’ll save these details for another post. Consider this….that what you have been taught, by way of your family, your church, your friends have all come from a place of traditional values. Like “This is what you are suppose to be or behave or do. So your put in a box and are told to operate a certain way in the core areas of your life like in Fitness, Family, Faith, and Finances. Well ask yourself these questions? How has that “Good” Life or how as that “Good” been working for you?

Do you feel like your suffocating, Stuck, or alone in a this daily game of Life? That you say to yourself, THERE HAS GOT TO BE MORE? What if you went on a journey to Seek, Hunt, & Listen to your own voice and what its telling you to do, act, or feel. How many times have you decided to ignore that voice inside you and instead take up the mantle of traditional actions that society has somehow trophied everyone to believe is the right way?

….The moment you decide that what you know is more important then have been taught to believe….

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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