One Habit Lifts All Others

“A rising tide lifts all Boats”

And with that the same can be said that “One Habit Lifts All Others!” ~Brendon Bruchard~

So how do we continue to expand and get better as a person in our relationships, mindfulness and spirtituality, with our Kids (if you have them), in our patience with others, in our gratitude, and in our finances?

I’d have you consider that it all starts with working on yourself and discerning where you are in life as a person and what you want.

Seriously…you really have to discern and look inward first and take care of yourself before you can make an impact on others and in the other areas of your life. Taking care of yourself and feeling good about yourself will effect the other areas of your life. So will not feeling great about yourself!


This means it will start by wanting to seek CLARITY. Wanting is the key word here as the door to your path will only open up to you from the inside. If your indifferent to wanting to do won’t really matter for you and your life……And that’s really okay. You may already have everything figured out.

In my previous post I mentioned that Step 1 was to BURY YOUR COFFIN. This happens after you reallized the pain is too great to stay the same and so you dive deep into accessing the capacity you once had.

So where to you go after STEP 1? SEEK CLARITY.

“By seeking clarity, you develop a habit of asking questions, looking within, observing your behaviors, and assessing whether you’re on track.” (Brendon Bruchard: High Performance Habits)

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