I Hear When I Move

Here is a fact for me in my life.

I’ve noticed that in my day to day life I am much more clear headed after I move and energize my body. That’s another way of saying….AFTER I WORK OUT!

Without a doubt the result is the same all the time. When I am not in a daily routine and sticking with a consistent daily habit of Seeking and Hunting…The voice I try to hear for direction goes dark for me. I don’t know about you ….but it does for me.

It is impossible for me to wake up and be at full capacity and performing at my best at work or with my family without the structure of Seeking Hunting and Listening. It’s what being on the Hunt is all about.

SEEKING is the process of figuring out what you want and who you want to become.

HUNTING Is the process, within CLARITYHUNT, of becoming. What is it that you do to foster the journey that you are on.

Meditation and working out is a huge part of that process for me. I’ve found also…It doesn’t take long for the voice to go dark on me.

The fact is something happens to me physiologically during and after I work out. I get back on track mentally and of course physically I feel great.

But mentally, during the workout, My thoughts come to my loud and clear. Clear as day they are. The majority of my writings on here are immediately after I workout.

When I SWEAT, I HEAR, and I FEEL, otherwise things I normally would not. It’s a small part of the hunting process but an important one that will enable me to LISTEN clearly.

Consider the importance of having a process that helps you with Clarity as well. What is that for you?

I’d love to here your thoughts as well.

When is it for you that you hear clearly your thoughts clearly guiding you?

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