There’s A Longing Deep Within Your Soul

There’s a longing deep within your soul. I believe now matter who we are and what we believe there is a voice that constantly speaks us. Sometimes it’s when we are by ourselves that we here it even more. When we are by ourselves and we are left with nothing more than our thoughts and questions.

Depending on how fulfilled we are in the areas of our Fitness, Family, Fulfillment, and Finances we can feel and discern the pain very clear. It’s a longing and emptiness that we feel in that area. A sort of inner chaos! Life directs us through our thoughts and feelings. When there is one area of our life that hurts…the universe, or god, or high power will bring that to your attention. Whatever that is for you…call it intuition…your thoughts sometimes come to you with a purpose. We choose to pay attention or ignore them.

The question is will you continue to ignore the emptiness, loneliness, and longing that speaks to us.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!

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