Your body & fitness is the gateway to producing results. I get it…..for so long I’ve struggled with controlling my diet and my fitness routine. When you wake up in the morning how does your body feel to you when you role out of bed? When you look in the mirror are you excited about what you see. Is your body a picture of your commitment to yourself or is it a reminder of all the times you’ve let yourself down.

What has taken me 20 years to accept is that long term results only come through small consistent daily habits. In this area of fitness this means that I’ve had to accept the fact that starting a fitness routine and running 5 miles on day one is not going to work. In fact doing that for the first week may lead to injury then effect my mental attitude and therefore every other area. Sucking the power right out of me. And there begins the cycle of failure.

If you can start by small daily habits that build on each other you’ll prove that you have commitment to yourself. It may take a little more time to see results but you will see it….no doubt. There’s nothing more disheartening then not believing yourself in what you say you are going to do.

So it really is simple. You all know what to do to get in shape. Its not complicated. We like to come up with some grand complicated scheme. It comes down to deciding on building small daily fitness habits and your commitment to seeing it through? What’s your why? Who do you want to become? You either want to be that person or you don’t.

StayInIt! Welcome To The Hunt!

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