Chaos In Your Mind!

Once you realize how powerful the mind is you’ll give it as much attention as your physical body!

Chaos is inevitable! There’s no way around it. When you try to balance and juggle your life in all areas chaos will eventually show up. Understand that we are on a constant journey of moving into a state of chaos from a state of calm.

So things could be pretty good right now with in the areas your Fitness, Fulfillment, Family, and Finances. Fantastic for you! Actually we all know what someone means when they say things are “Good”. Its a knee jerk answer and “code” for I don’t have the time to explain to you how crappy I feel or to tell you how many areas of my life are falling apart.

Like I’ll just tell you that I’m good and surpress they way I really feel in hopes something will change by bottling up inside and longing to be something more. Contrats!

So I come back to this place of Chaos! Every day we must choose to battle chaos and thoughts that try to enter our mind and cause us to believe certain ways. That inevitably cause to act in certain ways or not act in certain ways.

Once this chaos hits what do you do to shift from your drift and get off the exit? Do you have any tools in place? Like mediation is an example of a tool. Your daily habits are examples of tools. Give it some thought and drop a comment. I’d love to here about them and also learn as well.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!

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