Chaos Will Bombard You If You Let It!

How do you handle the Chaos!

You know there’s just so much that goes on around us all day long! Today I was reminded of that at the very end of the day..which I’ll get to.
Technology and connectivity bombards us. (Not a bad thing, after all I’m righting this post) but with progress also can come more chaos.
The news can bombard us.
Work can be chaotic.
Families can be chaotic.
Communting can be chaotic
Television can be chaotic.
Illness all around us can be chaotic.
Keeping our own shit together is chaotic enough let alone all the other chaos going on around us.

It’s necessary to find a way for yourself to deal with all the emotions and feelings that come along with the choas.

To deal with the choas that triggers us and the stories of ourselves, that create feelings and emotions that either propel us forward or keep us stuck.
Be on Guard and watch what outside chaos you allow to enter your being and allow yourself to internalize.
After a long day, just like most people, I walked into a room to pick up my son from a sporting practice to here another parent just sharing how one of her friends has cancer.

It’s chaotic every where you go and you can just walk right into it. And it will just hit you in the face seemingly non stop.

And these moments will effect you. You may not reallize it, but these discussions have an effect. Sometimes if feels like its a never ending all out assault!

Be intentional about being aware of how you deal or don’t deal with the choas.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!

Image result for middle finger emoji
Fuck You Chaos!

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