Ever get that overwhelming feeling of gratefulness and thankfulness that washes over you? It can feel like you are in a flow state and everything just fits into being what you are at that moment.

It’s hard feeling to describe. I know you know what I’m talking about. You’ve felt it too!

There are times also when you don’t feel it or have that effortless feeling of gratefulness, gratitude, peace, and thankfulness. Those are the times that things feel out of balance and your routines and habits are just off.

Remember perfection doesn’t exist. But putting in consistent work, habits, and routines to be able to listen to your “voice” and feel that “flow” is important and makes us better.

“The moment you notice what you did inside of you that produced that effect outside of you…you will really start to pay attention to what you did and believe you are less a victim of your life and instead the creator.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza/Garret J. White


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