On The Other Side Of The Doorway Is A Warehouse Of Possibilities

How can we expect to execute on what we say we want, that which we say truly matters to us, if we don’t slow down enough to create the space needed to execute on what matters.

Instead we have a habit of spending out time chasing our stressfull desires drivin by a world that has no space.

Most days for me, I don’t wake up ready to walk on clouds and slide down rainbows.

I have to intentionally set my mind and purge my thoughts. I have to use tools in the morning to create space for the rest of my day. Then during the day I need to find the time to reset and create additional space.

When I do not take time…..the chaos of my thoughts and activities for the day will take over. I will not have the ears to hear or eyes to see the warehouse of possibilities that exist. Nothing will speak to me and I will not hear direction.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!

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