You Have To Expand To Grow

How long will it take for you to follow your own heart and way?

When will you finally take a stand and ask the questions that no one else had the courage to ask?

Why do you believe what you do? …….is it because you grew up being taught certain things.

Why is it that deep down inside you have questions that you are afraid to ask?….Is it because you’ve been a yes person your entire life and don’t want to upset the apple cart?

Do certain wants and beliefs no longer ring true for you?

Why are your wants and beliefs less important than the others that taught you what you should know, believe, and want. You just accept it and then struggle to understand why you are living out of balance.

What are you going to do to grow? Will you finally ask the tough questions? Warning! Some people may get uncomfortable!

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!

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