Appreciation & A Smile Has Powerful Energy

So part of daily game of Clarity Hunt is about being intentional in our actions on a daily basis across multiple areas of our lives in Fitness, Family, Faithfulness, and Finances. Party of the daily game in being successful in this intentional living is being able to combat the negative thoughts and stories that ultimately some how decide to penetrate our Noggins! Experts estimate that we process between 2500 to 3000 thoughts per hour. Thats right! Per hour!

So with this many thoughts entering our minds its essential we are able to intentional accept and reject certain thoughts that don’t serve us. Here’s where the power of Appreciation and a Smile I found helps. I’ve found that focusing on being appreciative, smiling, and deep breathing, brings into the present. Helps me to focus on where I am now rather than what is to be in the future and whatever those thoughts are trying to tell me. Some may serve me but the others that don’t I want to get rid of.

StayInIt! Welcome To The Hunt!


The doorway to success opens inward!
We were born with the brilliance of our creator and with his intended perfect purpose for our lives.
Consider that we have blocked his power and brilliance for our lives through learned behavior from others around us.
*Telling us what is acceptable for own lives…
*How we should live our lives…&
*What they see us becoming in our lives…
The Lord has instilled in each and everyone us our own perfect truth! Live your truth, let others live theirs & reclaim your brilliance!

Wasn’t it that when we were young, we were dreaming of all the possibilities that we could envision by living our perfect truth? However, we’ve absorbed the traits of others around us, taken on the teachings of others, & without any questions of weather that was what our truth was suppose to be. Are we letting other’s visions and beliefs shape the truth that we ourselves have been given?

So we learn Fear, Scarcity, Self-Loathing, limited thinking & unworthiness that have anchored our possibilities down over the years & perhaps even decades. These ideas and traits about ourselves have been hard wired into our brains. Anchoring us down like a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea. Salvageable only with deep exploration to the bottom. Ourselves also re-claimed through deep inner exploration.

Consider that the doorway of success and prosperity opens inward. After your willing to do the work and re-claim the glory and brilliance that the lord had originally instilled in you.

Question: *Are you living your intended truth? *What can you start doing today to reclaim your intended brilliance?

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt

Free To Choose To Stay Or To Go!

What if we choose the mindset that asks the question what if I don’t, instead of what if I do? It’s our choice weather we choose to become something better or different. Dreaming about who you want to become won’t get it done. At some point you have to wake up to the fact that there will be many sacrifices you’ll have to make in order to be in better shape, be a better mom or dad, Husband & Wife, better spiritually, and better with your finances.

You’ll have to recognize that you’ll have to pay the price every day. In the end your results will tell everyone what you are really committed to. It’s your choice to either STAY where you are, or to decide to GO…to the! next version of you. Neither is good nor bad. As long as you are happy.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!

Slow, Steady, Measured, & Committed

It’s mid-week. And I’m reminded that the old cliche of slow & steady wins the race.

There is so much to do daily in your lives that it can be an overwhelming feeling sometimes.

My message is short and simple today! Keep yourself Steady, Measured, & Committed. With intentional living and a game plan you can do it.

Remember the importance of self-care and time to focus on your mindset and awareness. It’s not selfish….it is selfless.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


No time better than now to finally do you and be who you believe yourself to be! Who are you going to constantly make happy? Others? Or will you finally reallize how precious your happiness is?

We look to our friends and family to make us happy. They tell us what we should be doing, what is acceptable to be or to do. Yet they are miserable themselves. Aren’t you tired yet of feeling empty because you are not doing you.

There is a voice that speaks to you and constantly pecks at you to listen. What is it that you need to break free from? Aren’t you so tired of pleasing others. How about now it’s time for others to come for a ride on your train? If not leave them behind!

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!

Your Mind & Metaphysics

Inside out! It’s not Magic Its just what happens when you deeply work on your inner self and become more self-aware.
Changing your thoughts and feelings to such a degree, that you can do seemingly very little external work and see such positive external things happen in your life in a very short period of time. (Compounding Effect)
Everything you believe is possible and not possible is shaped by the data that you put in your head. It’s why habits and routines are so important in creating clarity to push you forward.
Without the daily ritual of learning and rewiring your mind you can fall into the default mode of daily flying around like a balloon lost in the wind or a moth hitting the ceiling walls.

Most honestly aren’t self aware enough that they can change from the inside first and therefore see massive external results.

GUESS WHAT I DID NOT KNOW EITHER! Not until it was too painful to stay the same. That’s just human nature though right? In most cases change won’t occur until there is a realization that the pain is so great!
Consider that you can do massive work on creating inner peace with yourself and becoming more self aware, and as a result you will experience massive external results with seemingly little effort, In a relatively short period of time.

Question: Where in your life is the pain becoming so great that you know you need to change?

*Consider that your pain may be a result of needing to do more work on your own self-awareness so you can be better externally.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!

“Once was lost, now I am found”

I use to think that people were full of it.

When I would here people talk about being better than we are in the areas of fitness, spirituality, family, and finances/business.

That is because at the time I could care less and didn’t even want to here about it.

I was happy with drifting without a purpose in all those areas. Sometimes all at once, sometimes 2 areas, or 3 areas.

Being reactive rather than recognizing there could be more that would start from awakening myself from the inside out.

Only then could I begin to see again the possibilities.

In Chrisianity it’s about the lyrics, ” I was once lost but now I am found.”

Perhaps being “found” for you also needs to be the additional work you do outside of what your faith teaches.

Revelation is found through daily habits and routines.

When you seek revelation, you will discover a deeper level inside of yourself.

You will see and listen differently.

However you’ll only begin to seek when you find it absolutely necessary.

Like….you have no other choice.

Eventually you’ll realize how important it is to be able to lead yourself, so you can even begin to think about leading other.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!

You’ll Know When You’ve Drifted Too Far

Sometimes you can’t be all things at once. I believe that’s the goal but it’s the goal that gives us the purpose of the Journey. Trying to achieve success in the major areas of our lives.

However, understand that you’ll have to put down on pause a couple areas of your life in order to address another or in order to just make it through the other side of your current situation.

That’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up. After all that will be a victory and you’ll learn and grow in that one area.

So make it through, then make sure you don’t drift too far from connection with yourself and your ability to hear and listen for you purpose. It will happen if you go dark for too long.

Stay connected to yourself and self love so you can continue to discern your way.

Seek, Hunt, Listen…..Stay In It!

(Video & Music By: Hammock; One Another)

You Can Do More.

Love coming at all you trying to make it through daily with whatever you are trying to push through.

2020 has disrupted everything normal that you and I are use to doing and being. It’s forced us into pivoting and hopefully growing.

It’s also forced us into choosing our response. Are we going to lay down and wait or push through.

You are capable of so much amidst the most uncertain of times. You can and will rise. We are just not tested often by external forces. Usually we set the agenda and out time frames.

This time we did not. But you’ll find that you are stronger than you think!

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!

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