Clarity? And what is it exactly. Webster defines it as the quality or state of being clear. I would have you consider that there are many, or even a majority of people nowadays, haven’t even really given this topic much thought. And the truth is its easy to ignore it! After all life happens!

So lets begin to lay out what can happen over time as we grow from kids and into adults. Adults with responsibilities and pressures. Think about when you were a kid and the ease at which you thought about all the things you could strive to become. The dreams and desires of your heart that you thought about. Now I’m not discounting the fact that for many perhaps their childhood is something that they would want to forget, and maybe being an adult is where they became clearer about where they want to go and who they would want to become. I would have you consider that for a majority of people, especially for men, Clarity is something that is lost.

As we become adults there are more pressures inside of our relationships our careers and in our finances. Our way of thinking is also influenced by the people we associate with and our families that we grow up with. Many times we believe what we believe because we know no different! In the way we operate within our Fullfillment (Spirituality), Our relationships, Our politics, and even our finances , I’d have you consider that we are pre-determined to operate in a box.

As adults we are still trying to operate in a way that we have been taught is the “right” way , or the “proper” way of doing things. For some of you the same the same way of thinking, the same people you surround yourself with, your same belief about how to handle your fitness, your same belief about accepting “Good” in your marriage or relationships, your same belief about how you connect spiritually, your same belief about how to handle your finances, and your beliefs that your accept about yourself and who you are have all been ingrained into your thinking since you’ve been young and you’ve been unable to break free.

The fact is you’ve been acting and thinking the same way for so long that you are living within your own box and you cant get out. In fact its hard to even begin to point yourself in the right direction to find your way out. Like its hard to know even where to begin to search. I would have you consider to start with this Question…

“Consider asking yourself… What do I really want, Not what I don’t want. Who do I want to become! Then systematically and Intentionally pursue it & Hunt it down.”

Clarity Hunt

After years of operating in a certain mindset and accepting certain standards of yourself, you can become lost and alone. And for no reason you may feel an emptiness. Because you’ve lost you have meant to become. It’s not something to be ashamed of. Its something to be aware of. That it’s possible to rise again and find your purpose. To begin to walk on a path that can light your world on fire again. However if you want it, you’ll have to work for it. And if you don’t want it, and your happy with yourself, and comfortable with yourself when your by yourself, then that’s fine too.

“It’s not something to be ashamed of. Its something to be aware of. That it’s possible to rise again and find your purpose. “


Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


Set Yourself Free!

Until you are willing to confront your night and set yourself truly free. Only then will you have the capacity to produce the way you should. Free from hiding and free to become who you were meant to become!

You will be free to become. Self motivation won’t work!
Sooner or later you’ll be dragged down by the limitations you’ve placed on yourself and accumulated over the years. These are stories that we’ve accepted about ourselves and have held as truths. And they bind us down and inhibit us from operating freely towards our destiny.
You must be willing to step out of the light and face your night. Once in the dark you can turn on the light and set yourself free.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


Access Your Power Through Your Body


Your body & fitness is the gateway to producing results. I get it…..for so long I’ve struggled with controlling my diet and my fitness routine. When you wake up in the morning how does your body feel to you when you role out of bed? When you look in the mirror are you excited about what you see. Is your body a picture of your commitment to yourself or is it a reminder of all the times you’ve let yourself down.



What has taken me 20 years to accept is that long term results only come through small consistent daily habits. In this area of fitness this means that I’ve had to accept the fact that starting a fitness routine and running 5 miles on day one is not going to work. In fact doing that for the first week may lead to injury then effect my mental attitude and therefore every other area. Sucking the power right out of me. And there begins the cycle of failure.

If you can start by small daily habits that build on each other you’ll prove that you have commitment to yourself. It may take a little more time to see results but you will see it….no doubt. There’s nothing more disheartening then not believing yourself in what you say you are going to do.

So it really is simple. You all know what to do to get in shape. Its not complicated. We like to come up with some grand complicated scheme. It comes down to deciding on building small daily fitness habits and your commitment to seeing it through? What’s your why? Who do you want to become? You either want to be that person or you don’t.

StayInIt! Welcome To The Hunt!


What You Know Is More Important Than What You Have Been Taught!

So this quote from above from Ralph Waldo Emerson is amazing. My journey the last 6-7 months started with the need to break free of the “stories” that had imprisoned my mind and caused me to be stuck for a very long time across all areas of my life. Like I’ll save these details for another post.

Consider this….that what you have been taught, by way of your family, your church, your friends have all come from a place of traditional values. Like “This is what you are suppose to be or behave or do. So your put in a box and are told to operate a certain way in the core areas of your life like in Fitness, Family, Faith, and Finances. Well ask yourself these questions? How has that “Good” Life or how as that “Good” been working for you?

Do you feel like your suffocating, Stuck, or alone in a this daily game of Life? That you say to yourself, THERE HAS GOT TO BE MORE? What if you went on a journey to Seek, Hunt, & Listen to your own voice and what its telling you to do, act, or feel. How many times have you decided to ignore that voice inside you and instead take up the mantle of traditional actions that society has somehow trophied everyone to believe is the right way?

….The moment you decide that what you know is more important then have been taught to believe….

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Appreciation & A Smile Has Powerful Energy

So part of daily game of Clarity Hunt is about being intentional in our actions on a daily basis across multiple areas of our lives in Fitness, Family, Faithfulness, and Finances.

Party of the daily game in being successful in this intentional living is being able to combat the negative thoughts and stories that ultimately some how decide to penetrate our Noggins! Experts estimate that we process between 2500 to 3000 thoughts per hour. Thats right! Per hour!

So with this many thoughts entering our minds its essential we are able to intentional accept and reject certain thoughts that don’t serve us. Here’s where the power of Appreciation and a Smile I found helps. I’ve found that focusing on being appreciative, smiling, and deep breathing, brings into the present. Helps me to focus on where I am now rather than what is to be in the future and whatever those thoughts are trying to tell me. Some may serve me but the others that don’t I want to get rid of.

StayInIt! Welcome To The Hunt!

You Better Have A Why!

Clarity Hunt

Living Intentionally!

Almost 8 months ago there were alot of promises made by individuals with alot of good intentions. Its a great time of year! Festiv too! Love the Holidays! Have you even thought about those promises you made to yourself in the past few months?
Or have you defaulted back into your same routine and same story about yourself.
Maybe you’ve been saying for the last 8 months that you’ll start tomorrow to make changes in the areas of your Fitness, Your Family (Wife & Kids), & Faith (inspirational source, meditation, journaling). Whatever Faith means to you.
It’s easy to be motivated during the holiday season surrounded by family and good times. But year after year your motivation never seems to take you where you want to go.
You need to declare distinctly who you are committed to becoming, how you are going to become that person, your time frame of how long it will take you, AND YOU BETTER HAVE A CONCRETE “WHY”.

This is the difference between Motivation and a Committment to becoming backed up by a strong Why
StayInIt! Welcome To The Hunt!

Welcome To Clarity Hunt

Welcome to the Hunt. I would have you consider that there’s a daily journey that most of us find ourselves in. Searching for clarity & certainty in this daily game of life. I would have you consider that accepting “Good” doesn’t have to be the norm any more. Questions & answers like the following have become all the norm. They are safe questions and even safer answers.

How are your kids?….Good ; How’s your marriage?….Good; How’s your Wife or Husband?…Good; How’s work?….Good. Since when did “good” become so acceptable? It’s so easy for it to just roll off our tongues to these questions. Half the time I don’t think we believe that its even that Good! When you were younger did you dream that one day you’ll strive for good in all the various areas of your life?

Consider that you can be more than “Good”. In all areas of your life. In your areas of Fitness, Family, Faith, & Finances. The fact is that as adults we have built up scars through experiences, marriages, failures, & stresses. These scars play out in the form of stories that are often trigger us in certain ways. They cause us to feel a certain way and therefore, act or not act in a certain ways. They can suffocate us. And so being good is the safe play. We get us to asking ourselves “What If Questions” instead of “What if I don’t” Questions.

So our stories play out in such a way that we’ll ask what if I decided to take this loan, or take this Job?….Its a way of thinking based on past experiences. How about asking….What if I don’t?

Where in the areas of your life across the domains of your fitness, family, faith or connection, & finances are you asking the wrong question? Your asking “What If I Do” instead of “What If I don’t.”

You have to commit yourself to doing daily work. Its about being committed to results not motivation.

“You Must Choose Something Different… if you want your life to be different”

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