Spiritual Beings?

Are we humans trying to live a spiritual being?


Are we spiritual beings living as humans?

Enjoy the video and answer that for yourself?

I’d sincerely would love to here your thoughts and comments?

I really believe its the Latter!


The Colors Of Music

We talk at times about how much of an effect our thoughts have on our actions and what we do or do not do.

Sometimes you need to take a pause and stop trying to be perfect. You are going to zig and zag on your way to where you are going.

Take a moment and be grateful for what you have around you. Your ability to feel and love is a gift. Embrace your creativity, slow down, feel, discern, and love yourself.

No one else will do it for you. You must take care of you.

Stay In It!

Welcome To The Hunt!


You Have To Expand To Grow

How long will it take for you to follow your own heart and way?

When will you finally take a stand and ask the questions that no one else had the courage to ask?

Why do you believe what you do? …….is it because you grew up being taught certain things.

Why is it that deep down inside you have questions that you are afraid to ask?….Is it because you’ve been a yes person your entire life and don’t want to upset the apple cart?

Do certain wants and beliefs no longer ring true for you?

Why are your wants and beliefs less important than the others that taught you what you should know, believe, and want. You just accept it and then struggle to understand why you are living out of balance.

What are you going to do to grow? Will you finally ask the tough questions? Warning! Some people may get uncomfortable!

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


Manage Yourself

What if the polorization we are seeing in the world today is a result of individuals, from all walks of life, projecting their own hurt and sense of shortcomings on each other. Failing to manage and take responsibility for themselves.

Whatever the lense is that you view the world through…it is not a must for others to see your view but for only you to know what rings true for you. What it is that brings peace to your own being?

Manage yourself instead of having the expectations of trying to manage the thoughts and beliefs of others. In the end your intuition will tell you what is right for you, and the other will hear and listen for themselves.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


Awareness & Discernment

The daily practice of meditation will help control your fears and anxieties.

What a daily habit of meditation will do is train your mind and subconscious to connect to something greater than yourself.

Connecting to something greater than yourself, whatever you call that, will bring a greater self-awareness to who you are as a person. You will begin to understand yourself, and therefore you will be able to understand and know others.

You’ll also feel the ability of elevated discernment. Maybe its elevated intuition. “What you may be able to feel is the unseeable!”



Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


On The Other Side Of The Doorway Is A Warehouse Of Possibilities

How can we expect to execute on what we say we want, that which we say truly matters to us, if we don’t slow down enough to create the space needed to execute on what matters.

Instead we have a habit of spending out time chasing our stressfull desires drivin by a world that has no space.

Most days for me, I don’t wake up ready to walk on clouds and slide down rainbows.

I have to intentionally set my mind and purge my thoughts. I have to use tools in the morning to create space for the rest of my day. Then during the day I need to find the time to reset and create additional space.

When I do not take time…..the chaos of my thoughts and activities for the day will take over. I will not have the ears to hear or eyes to see the warehouse of possibilities that exist. Nothing will speak to me and I will not hear direction.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


The Journey Is Just Being You

Your purpose….

What If you were already living your purpose and you didn’t reallize it?

What If finding your purpose was just recognizing that you are suppose to live unapologetically true to yourself…..and then that’s how you find peace with yourself.

Sounds so basic right?

Be careful of living someone else’s vision for your life. Your truth will change as you grow and want more. The vision you have for yourself will constantly change.

There is no end to the journey. There’s just becoming comfortable with who you are and learning along the way. Then becoming so at peace with who you presently are and loving who you’ve become.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


The Truth Will NOT Set You Free

The Facts Will Set You Free!

The current facts of your life will set you free. The truth will not set you free. The truth for you today will not be the same for you tomorrow. As you pursue a growth-minded lifestyle, the truth as you know it will constantly be changing. The “truth” is normally taught to be a constant unchanging truth of belief. This disregards change.

What is true for you today will be different for you tomorrow. So the facts of you life will set you free. The current facts of where you are, who you are, and what you are will direct and guide your path forward.


Garrett J White (Wakeup Warrior)

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


What Are You Hunting & Do You Still Care?

It’s easy to just role right out of bed, without any work on ourselves first, open the lap top and just start working. Compounding the crowded chaos in your mind right from the start of the day.

It’s just human nature!

Listen you have to take the time to intentionally visit every day what you want, and what you are still pursuing. Sometimes that will change and you’ll have to adjust. It should change as you grow. That’s why you need to revisit where your going! But if you don’t make a habit of hunting this down daily, & at the very least give it some thought.

You will lose in all areas of your life. You just will. There will be no game plan. You will be a rudderless boat, and wondering generality.”

It’s not about being perfect, but about the pursuit of knowing what you want and trying to get there.

So you won’t be perfect, but on the way there, you’ll figure some shit out, and you’ll expand, and be better. That’s growth!

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


Proud Of You

For staying committed to the journey you told yourself you were on.

When some days, weeks, and months you wanted to go back to being a wandering generality. It would be much easy to do what many do, which is to just be content. To live without trying to explore further what it truly means to live and to be better than just good.

But there’s something inside of you that you just can’t ignore. It pecks at you constantly telling you that you are not meant to just wander through life without a larger purpose. So you don’t…and you seek, and hunt, and listen.

I’m proud of you for still believing there is more for you. Proud that you continue to listen to the voice that keeps knocking in the middle of uncertainty.

I”m proud that you realize uncertainty is only part of being a wandering generality. Certainty comes from within. Seek For It, Hunt For It, & Listen For It.

You’ll know when you are in alignment!

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!




Ever get that overwhelming feeling of gratefulness and thankfulness that washes over you? It can feel like you are in a flow state and everything just fits into being what you are at that moment.

It’s hard feeling to describe. I know you know what I’m talking about. You’ve felt it too!

There are times also when you don’t feel it or have that effortless feeling of gratefulness, gratitude, peace, and thankfulness. Those are the times that things feel out of balance and your routines and habits are just off.

Remember perfection doesn’t exist. But putting in consistent work, habits, and routines to be able to listen to your “voice” and feel that “flow” is important and makes us better.

“The moment you notice what you did inside of you that produced that effect outside of you…you will really start to pay attention to what you did and believe you are less a victim of your life and instead the creator.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza/Garret J. White



Chaos Will Bombard You If You Let It!

How do you handle the Chaos!

You know there’s just so much that goes on around us all day long! Today I was reminded of that at the very end of the day..which I’ll get to.
Technology and connectivity bombards us. (Not a bad thing, after all I’m righting this post) but with progress also can come more chaos.
The news can bombard us.
Work can be chaotic.
Families can be chaotic.
Communting can be chaotic
Television can be chaotic.
Illness all around us can be chaotic.
Keeping our own shit together is chaotic enough let alone all the other chaos going on around us.

It’s necessary to find a way for yourself to deal with all the emotions and feelings that come along with the choas.

To deal with the choas that triggers us and the stories of ourselves, that create feelings and emotions that either propel us forward or keep us stuck.
Be on Guard and watch what outside chaos you allow to enter your being and allow yourself to internalize.
After a long day, just like most people, I walked into a room to pick up my son from a sporting practice to here another parent just sharing how one of her friends has cancer.

It’s chaotic every where you go and you can just walk right into it. And it will just hit you in the face seemingly non stop.

And these moments will effect you. You may not reallize it, but these discussions have an effect. Sometimes if feels like its a never ending all out assault!

Be intentional about being aware of how you deal or don’t deal with the choas.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!

Image result for middle finger emoji
Fuck You Chaos!


The Universe Will Help You Achieve It!

It’s Just What Happens!

When you stay committed doing what you say you are going to do and stay committed to the hunt of what you say you want…
When you do this day in and day out. This is when results happen.

It might be a result of the power of mindset..
It might be a result from the power of intentional living..
It might be a result from the law of attraction and positivity. The universe being drawn to positive people and positive mindsets.

The fact is if you stay the course good things will happen. So why the picture of this glove?.

This glove has been sitting here for no less than a year. And every time I do my walk and run (almost every day, I do miss some days) It has been here.

Like I know this glove is just a glove, but there’s a message that comes to those that stay committed to what they want and who they want to become.

The messages come as a thought, a “voice”, directing us while we are in the middle of our “Hunt”.

This message is of persistence and consistency. Like this glove is just there every day no matter what. It’s a funny thought I know. But this is what receiving revelation is about.

The funny thing is this simple thought of this glove showing up, during my own commitment opens up an entire revelation of thoughts that I would not get, if I never woke up in the morning and stayed committed to doing what I said I was going to do.

So stay committed to what you want, Stay committed to your goals, chip away in the short term consistency. I’ts what the HUNT is about. Tracking down what you want and what you truly want. But you need to open yourself up to doing things a different way and to thoughts you may have never allowed yourself to think about before.
When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping achieve it. “The Alchemist”

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


Stop Preaching & Start Doing

Maybe just stop preaching and start doing!
One of things I’m learning about a little more self awareness is that I want to share a little bit more.
It actually can come off at times as a little “preachy.”

Many just don’t want to here it. What has taken you some time to become aware of in many cases others may already know.

So let your personal growth be your message. Unless others want to here it and ask you for your message, just work on yourself in silence.

Start Showing & Doing rather than Preaching & Teaching. Many will follow you by the way you lead!

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


Your Former Self Is Waiving At You!

It’s easy from time to time to lose yourself and stray off your path of balance. Sometimes habits and routines breakdown and the person you once were may seem closer than you expected.

It’s like you can see behind you and there’s this taunting former self waiving at you saying…I STILL SEE YOU!

Don’t get sucked back in by the undertoe and all that is changing and happening around you. You stepped off path briefly. Be thankful for how far you have come and jump right back on your journey.

Your destiny is a process!

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!



I’m leading off with the golden nugget!

Here is the very first step you must take in order to find yourself again.

Well let us back up…..after you finally get fed up with the pain of feeling empty, alone, unwanted, directionless, paranoid of what others are thinking about you, afraid to take action, afraid to share your feelings, afraid to be the person that has been knocking on your thoughts for however long…….

So I don’t know who you are, and honestly don’t know every struggle each and everyone of you has.

Here is what I do know……

Because I know myself…I can know you!

When the pain is finally too much and you are ready to start Seeking, Hunting, and Listening for who you always were, and are to become…..

Step 1:



The fact is at this point you are completely lost and disconnected with yourself and out of balance. You are not sure about who you are any more.

And most likely one or many of these areas in your life are broken…your relationships, your fitness, your spirtuality and love for yourself, your finances.

If you can’t bring yourself to do this. You’ll always be hiding!



What kind of fears, thoughts, failures would you put in your coffin and speak out of existence in your life? I”d love to hear them.

It’s never too late to be you! XOXOXO

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


DARKNESS…Sometimes You Feel What You Feel

It just is what it is sometimes... you know!?

"Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence
In restless dreams I walked alone"
~Sound of Silence~

Listen....some days just aren't one of your best days. In many cases there may not be any particular reason for it. Listen it's not easy to have the perfect mindset every single freakin Day. After all we are in the middle of a pandemic, job losses every where, and your trying to put on a great face like everything is normal!

Well I feel you!...... if you are just not there in that space today! Tomorrow is another day to be great!

Stay In it! Welcome To The Hunt!

I Hear When I Move

Here is a fact for me in my life.

I’ve noticed that in my day to day life I am much more clear headed after I move and energize my body. That’s another way of saying….AFTER I WORK OUT!

Without a doubt the result is the same all the time. When I am not in a daily routine and sticking with a consistent daily habit of Seeking and Hunting…The voice I try to hear for direction goes dark for me. I don’t know about you ….but it does for me.

It is impossible for me to wake up and be at full capacity and performing at my best at work or with my family without the structure of Seeking Hunting and Listening. It’s what being on the Hunt is all about.

SEEKING is the process of figuring out what you want and who you want to become.

HUNTING Is the process, within CLARITYHUNT, of becoming. What is it that you do to foster the journey that you are on.

Meditation and working out is a huge part of that process for me. I’ve found also…It doesn’t take long for the voice to go dark on me.

The fact is something happens to me physiologically during and after I work out. I get back on track mentally and of course physically I feel great.

But mentally, during the workout, My thoughts come to my loud and clear. Clear as day they are. The majority of my writings on here are immediately after I workout.

When I SWEAT, I HEAR, and I FEEL, otherwise things I normally would not. It’s a small part of the hunting process but an important one that will enable me to LISTEN clearly.

Consider the importance of having a process that helps you with Clarity as well. What is that for you?

I’d love to here your thoughts as well.

When is it for you that you hear clearly your thoughts clearly guiding you?



Is there value in the “FREE GIFT OF LIFE”?



Here’s what I know to be true for my own life along with some context and facts.

I grew up in a religious home, youth group weekly, and in an evangelical faith. Being saved through God’s grace and accepting him into your heart was the gateway to being set free and living an abundant life and living according to God’s purpose for our lives.

I believe we are complicated beings and want so much to believe there is something bigger than our ownselves that created us.

I can’t disregard the voice I’ve struggled with for so long. Even after I accepted the gift of eternal life & Jesus Into My Heart, I was still lost about who I was and a yearning to be more and want more. And why do I feel guilty for that.

We are taught to follow Christ and he will direct your path. Accept the free gift of life and jesus into your heart and you’ll be on your way.


Question: But why do I feel so broken and unworthy still?

Church Answer: Because your not studying the bible and following Christ the way you ought to. Your not putting in the work.


I’ve found that you can’t ignore the voice and the knocking at your heart that speaks to you and says…even now there has to be more to access more capacity to do and become. More than just hope and prayer.

FREE? Everything worth something is very rarely free. If we wait and rely on the free gift to work in our lives and save us, my guess is the wait will be long.

If you read this far, I’d love to here some comments and feedback. Does any of this resonate with you?


One Habit Lifts All Others

“A rising tide lifts all Boats”

And with that the same can be said that “One Habit Lifts All Others!” ~Brendon Bruchard~

So how do we continue to expand and get better as a person in our relationships, mindfulness and spirtituality, with our Kids (if you have them), in our patience with others, in our gratitude, and in our finances?

I’d have you consider that it all starts with working on yourself and discerning where you are in life as a person and what you want.

Seriously…you really have to discern and look inward first and take care of yourself before you can make an impact on others and in the other areas of your life. Taking care of yourself and feeling good about yourself will effect the other areas of your life. So will not feeling great about yourself!


This means it will start by wanting to seek CLARITY. Wanting is the key word here as the door to your path will only open up to you from the inside. If your indifferent to wanting to do this..it won’t really matter for you and your life……And that’s really okay. You may already have everything figured out.

In my previous post I mentioned that Step 1 was to BURY YOUR COFFIN. This happens after you reallized the pain is too great to stay the same and so you dive deep into accessing the capacity you once had.

So where to you go after STEP 1? SEEK CLARITY.

“By seeking clarity, you develop a habit of asking questions, looking within, observing your behaviors, and assessing whether you’re on track.” (Brendon Bruchard: High Performance Habits)



Really the title says it all.

I was reminded of this very thing this week. This was an instagram post I saw from a Katie Ewell, whom I follow and admire their family and love their message and what they are all about.

I found this week to be a bit rougher than normal for me. I”m still transitioning through this current change we are all experiencing. And it doesn’t matter what line of work you were in or what your lifestyle had been, we were all thrust into this. And its just gonna take some time to adjust.

There are many out their, gurus etc…that are just like…lets go! Adapt, change, ” Get on the Change Train”, Up your game etc…

It is like …..I GET IT! CALM DOWN…I’m doing my best to get there.

So yes the reality is this time is testing us all and what we are made of. No matter what that test is for you and in what area of your life………..it is testing you right now.

It’s testing your relationships, It’s testing your mental health, It’s testing your finances, It’s testing us in a way to see if we will stay committed to do what we say we are committed to doing. Our habits, our routines, our Self care rituals.

It’s testing to see if you and I will RISE to the occasion.

I reallized that I have a chance to rise in some areas and I think I’m on my way. But it’s also scary. The thoughts the mind will have you believe.

When I saw this quote I realized I’m not scared of failing I”m scared of succeeding and realizing how great I could have been for a really long time before now.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us.

Where in your life does this resonate with you? I”d love hear from you. Drop in a comment and lets have a conversation.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


What You Know Is More Important Than What You Have Been Taught!

So this quote from above from Ralph Waldo Emerson is amazing. My journey the last 6-7 months started with the need to break free of the “stories” that had imprisoned my mind and caused me to be stuck for a very long time across all areas of my life. Like I’ll save these details for another post. Consider this….that what you have been taught, by way of your family, your church, your friends have all come from a place of traditional values. Like “This is what you are suppose to be or behave or do. So your put in a box and are told to operate a certain way in the core areas of your life like in Fitness, Family, Faith, and Finances. Well ask yourself these questions? How has that “Good” Life or how as that “Good” been working for you?

Do you feel like your suffocating, Stuck, or alone in a this daily game of Life? That you say to yourself, THERE HAS GOT TO BE MORE? What if you went on a journey to Seek, Hunt, & Listen to your own voice and what its telling you to do, act, or feel. How many times have you decided to ignore that voice inside you and instead take up the mantle of traditional actions that society has somehow trophied everyone to believe is the right way?

….The moment you decide that what you know is more important then have been taught to believe….

Ralph Waldo Emerson


This Train Don’t Stop!

Make no mistake about it. The train doesn’t stop for you to make a decision. We have a choice every day to become who we say we are committed to becoming.

Honestly on most days I don’t feel like it…I don’t feel like working on my relationship, I don’t feel like working out, I just don’t feel like showing up!

But I have a purpose that is larger than myself. A goal of who I see myself becoming. That’s what drives me. You and I are not who we use to be. We’ve changed and our journey & truth is our calling.

Become…and stay committed. Stay In It!

Love You!


Love, How Did I Lose You

Great song by The Ember Days here in the video post. (“Without Love”)

You may be feeling a little tired, broken, & lost right now. Maybe your feeling just a little off and out of sorts. Maybe your not far from your beaten path but your having a hard time staying consistent in your routines and are feeling a little loss of connection and flow.

Me Too…..

Hold on to your heart and what moves you. Take a deep breathe and know your best days are still ahead. You are only a few days away of consistent habits and routines of finding your flowstate again.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!



The doorway to success opens inward!
We were born with the brilliance of our creator and with his intended perfect purpose for our lives.
Consider that we have blocked his power and brilliance for our lives through learned behavior from others around us.
*Telling us what is acceptable for own lives…
*How we should live our lives…&
*What they see us becoming in our lives…
The Lord has instilled in each and everyone us our own perfect truth! Live your truth, let others live theirs & reclaim your brilliance!

Wasn’t it that when we were young, we were dreaming of all the possibilities that we could envision by living our perfect truth? However, we’ve absorbed the traits of others around us, taken on the teachings of others, & without any questions of weather that was what our truth was suppose to be. Are we letting other’s visions and beliefs shape the truth that we ourselves have been given?

So we learn Fear, Scarcity, Self-Loathing, limited thinking & unworthiness that have anchored our possibilities down over the years & perhaps even decades. These ideas and traits about ourselves have been hard wired into our brains. Anchoring us down like a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea. Salvageable only with deep exploration to the bottom. Ourselves also re-claimed through deep inner exploration.

Consider that the doorway of success and prosperity opens inward. After your willing to do the work and re-claim the glory and brilliance that the lord had originally instilled in you.

Question: *Are you living your intended truth? *What can you start doing today to reclaim your intended brilliance?

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt


Free To Choose To Stay Or To Go!

What if we choose the mindset that asks the question what if I don’t, instead of what if I do? It’s our choice weather we choose to become something better or different. Dreaming about who you want to become won’t get it done. At some point you have to wake up to the fact that there will be many sacrifices you’ll have to make in order to be in better shape, be a better mom or dad, Husband & Wife, better spiritually, and better with your finances.

You’ll have to recognize that you’ll have to pay the price every day. In the end your results will tell everyone what you are really committed to. It’s your choice to either STAY where you are, or to decide to GO…to the! next version of you. Neither is good nor bad. As long as you are happy.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


Slow, Steady, Measured, & Committed

It’s mid-week. And I’m reminded that the old cliche of slow & steady wins the race.

There is so much to do daily in your lives that it can be an overwhelming feeling sometimes.

My message is short and simple today! Keep yourself Steady, Measured, & Committed. With intentional living and a game plan you can do it.

Remember the importance of self-care and time to focus on your mindset and awareness. It’s not selfish….it is selfless.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!



No time better than now to finally do you and be who you believe yourself to be! Who are you going to constantly make happy? Others? Or will you finally reallize how precious your happiness is?

We look to our friends and family to make us happy. They tell us what we should be doing, what is acceptable to be or to do. Yet they are miserable themselves. Aren’t you tired yet of feeling empty because you are not doing you.

There is a voice that speaks to you and constantly pecks at you to listen. What is it that you need to break free from? Aren’t you so tired of pleasing others. How about now it’s time for others to come for a ride on your train? If not leave them behind!

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


Your Mind & Metaphysics

Inside out! It’s not Magic Its just what happens when you deeply work on your inner self and become more self-aware.
Changing your thoughts and feelings to such a degree, that you can do seemingly very little external work and see such positive external things happen in your life in a very short period of time. (Compounding Effect)
Everything you believe is possible and not possible is shaped by the data that you put in your head. It’s why habits and routines are so important in creating clarity to push you forward.
Without the daily ritual of learning and rewiring your mind you can fall into the default mode of daily flying around like a balloon lost in the wind or a moth hitting the ceiling walls.

Most honestly aren’t self aware enough that they can change from the inside first and therefore see massive external results.

GUESS WHAT I DID NOT KNOW EITHER! Not until it was too painful to stay the same. That’s just human nature though right? In most cases change won’t occur until there is a realization that the pain is so great!
Consider that you can do massive work on creating inner peace with yourself and becoming more self aware, and as a result you will experience massive external results with seemingly little effort, In a relatively short period of time.

Question: Where in your life is the pain becoming so great that you know you need to change?

*Consider that your pain may be a result of needing to do more work on your own self-awareness so you can be better externally.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


“Once was lost, now I am found”

I use to think that people were full of it.

When I would here people talk about being better than we are in the areas of fitness, spirituality, family, and finances/business.

That is because at the time I could care less and didn’t even want to here about it.

I was happy with drifting without a purpose in all those areas. Sometimes all at once, sometimes 2 areas, or 3 areas.

Being reactive rather than recognizing there could be more that would start from awakening myself from the inside out.

Only then could I begin to see again the possibilities.

In Chrisianity it’s about the lyrics, ” I was once lost but now I am found.”

Perhaps being “found” for you also needs to be the additional work you do outside of what your faith teaches.

Revelation is found through daily habits and routines.

When you seek revelation, you will discover a deeper level inside of yourself.

You will see and listen differently.

However you’ll only begin to seek when you find it absolutely necessary.

Like….you have no other choice.

Eventually you’ll realize how important it is to be able to lead yourself, so you can even begin to think about leading other.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


You’ll Know When You’ve Drifted Too Far

Sometimes you can’t be all things at once. I believe that’s the goal but it’s the goal that gives us the purpose of the Journey. Trying to achieve success in the major areas of our lives.

However, understand that you’ll have to put down on pause a couple areas of your life in order to address another or in order to just make it through the other side of your current situation.

That’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up. After all that will be a victory and you’ll learn and grow in that one area.

So make it through, then make sure you don’t drift too far from connection with yourself and your ability to hear and listen for you purpose. It will happen if you go dark for too long.

Stay connected to yourself and self love so you can continue to discern your way.

Seek, Hunt, Listen…..Stay In It!

(Video & Music By: Hammock; One Another)


You Can Do More.

Love coming at all you trying to make it through daily with whatever you are trying to push through.

2020 has disrupted everything normal that you and I are use to doing and being. It’s forced us into pivoting and hopefully growing.

It’s also forced us into choosing our response. Are we going to lay down and wait or push through.

You are capable of so much amidst the most uncertain of times. You can and will rise. We are just not tested often by external forces. Usually we set the agenda and out time frames.

This time we did not. But you’ll find that you are stronger than you think!

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!



What a year 2020 has been. I would imagine, that you like I, have weathered a wide range of emotions.

The fact is this year has truly tested everything I said and say I’m committed to doing and achieving for myself.

As I think about this year, I cant help to be thankful for the change I committed to during the winter of 2018. Its been a 180 reversal for me.

I was in so much emotional and physical pain back then that, out of necessity, I had to change every bit of who I had become.

It has been just shy of 2 years now since I began to work on myself. I could no longer accept who I had become after years of neglect.

Who I have become as a result of the work has allowed me to weather the current storm of change that has been thrusted on all of us this year.

Back then these uncertain times would have broke me.

My journey started in search of the light. Which will only be found once you are willing to confront the night and the darkness you hold onto inside.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!




Just want to say how appreciative I am to have an outlet like this to express my thoughts. It’s away for me to let my feelings out. It is a form of journaling for me in hopes also that maybe someone else can of say….hey I can kind of can relate and thank you for sharing because I thought I was the only one.

There is no judgment here from me. The fact is I believe there are many of us that feel broken on different levels and we are just looking for a way to let it out. We are just trying to figure this shit out! We don’t need someone to solve it for us…we just need to find out how to save ourselves and hear our own voice and how that directs us. We just need to know that….because we know ourselves…..we can know others.

We need to understand that sometimes what we’ve been taught to believe is true for us by others..just isn’t really true for us. We are all individuals looking to live the best lives that we an individually live. And ones that mean the most to each of us on different levels.

A few years ago I was broken and lost. Rather than go into details…it was just one of those things where making it through the day and putting on a brave face was a victory for me. I was merely surving.

I’m far from perfect now but in 2018…I was a train wreck! I admit it! I was toxic to my wife, no relationship to my kids, I had a house I just lived in…but slept on an air matress by myself in the basement for the previous 2 years.

I felt empty, unwanted, alone, and constantly thinking I can’t believe who I’ve become. I was rudderless without direction and I didn’t know how to save myself or where to begin.

A blog site like what I’m doing here allows me to share in real time how I’m feeling or what Im going through. Its also a form of anxiety management.

This site is an intentional tool that I use to manage my fullfillment/spiritual side of my Journey.

Thank you for listening! Thank you for liking. Thanking for not judging. Thank you for just being present with me. I appreciate you all.

Love coming at you!

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


This is where it started for me!

October of 2018 started my path of change. This song Mysterium by the Artist Hammock, was presented to me in an online course that moved me to the core.

At the time I was 40lbs over weight, hurting emotionally, disconnected from my wife and sleeping on an air matress in the basement for 3 years. I was disconnected from myself spiritually, in debt up to my eyeballs, I disliked myself, I felt like every day if just made it through the day it was a win.

I was hurting, I felt unwanted, unloved, unworthy, and paranoid of what others thought about me. (All this was a result of my own actions and was my fault)

One day In October of 2018 I felt the world closing in on me and I needed help and needed to make a change. I was so far down the only place to go was up. But it was up to me.

The hardest part of changing your life is knowing that you know it’s going to take a long time to fix what you’ve broken and taken for granted for so long. That’s why you’ll have to know how badly you want to change and then it will still only be up to you and how committed you are.

In most cases, the decision to change will only happen when the pain becomes to great to remain the same. Then you’ll need to keep focused on why your changing and who you want to become.

Are you ready to change the areas you need to change? Or is the pain not great enough yet? Perhaps there’s something you need to fix now before the pain becomes to great?

What is that area for you?

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


I’ve Been Away For A Bit!

So you may or may not have noticed. Most likely you havn’t noticed. I haven’t blogged in a few weeks or even kept up much with my other social media outlets.

Yes I will say the voice had begun to go dark for me a bit. This is the voice that speaks to you and I when we are connected daily to our thoughts and the universe. What that is for you….you hear it and it tells you things.

For some its God, for others its a higher power, source, universe, …you name it.

In the daily game of balancing Family, Faith(spirituality), Fitness, and Finances there are goals that we set that some days take priority to level up in. Leveling up in these areas, that need leveling, then will influence the other areas your life.

Sometimes certain areas of your life need to be put on pause in order to go war and level up in other areas. This is perfectly fine when its done intentionally. When its not done intentionally is when are really operating in life without a rudder.

For me my time away the last few weeks was to level up in business and finances. It was a voice I heard that said….ITS GO TIME! PUT THE OTHER AREAS ON PAUSE A BIT!

Know that it’s ok to pause a bit in one area in order to level up in another. After all it’s intentional and therefore serves your overall purpose and who you see yourself becoming.

QUESTION: Are there any areas in your life you need to put on pause so you can level up in another?

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt.


Pulling Back In One Area To Fix Another

What most need to figure out on a daily basis to understand what they want to accomplish on that particular day.

For many, whether your Single, Married, Man, or Female, you are trying to juggle and find balance in your relationships, jobs, finances, and spirituality (Whatever that is for you).

Consider our goal should be a great as we can be in all those areas to be in complete balance and on target and clear as to who you are, what you want to become, and how you want to be towards others.

Keep in mind it’s okay to pull back in one area a bit in order to seek realignment in another area of your life.


Recognize though that you will have to pull back (transfer focus) sometimes in one area of your life in order to slingshot yourself ahead in another. Then mesh them all together for the new you!

I’d love to hear your comments, thoughts, and feedback on this.

Where are some instances you’ve had to pull back in order to refocus on another area of your life?

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


Forgive Yourself

Now more than ever.

Current events have really cemented my belief.
On how important it is to find true peace with yourself.


*You like the journey your on
*You can feel comfortable,with your own thoughts when you or forced to be quarantined.
*You can see the good all around you that can be learned and taken. Even in the midst of so much pain, heartbreak, and chaos.
*Understanding You can control only how you yourself respond.
*Understanding that, no matter how dark the valley we walk through, we are still not victims. But we have the ability to INTENTIONALLY choose.


Its not about being perfect and being in control every second and minute of the day.

Its about net growth. About forgiving yourself and not beating yourself up about thoughts, stories, and feelings that flood your mind.

What it is about….is recognizing those triggers and thoughts, and then being able to climb your way out of them and back onto your path.

So don’t beat yourself up. Forgive yourself and move forward.

Where in your current situation are you not forgiving yourself for feeling what your feeling?

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt! 🖤


Only Pain Causes Change

Pillar I. of Clarity is Seek.

Here’s what is interesting about what I call to SEEK. We start to SEEK in our own lives when we are desperate for a change. Seeking is the beginning of a journey and understanding that you will be starting the HUNT for your truth. This Truth is yours. It’s your path and everyone else will have there own. A calling and a voice that tells you to GO! There are some this doesn’t apply to, but there are also many that aren’t aware of how much self-care and self-awareness play important roles in the expansion of their lives.

The truth is that for many the pain of not needing to do anything different in their lives to change just isn’t great enough. And that is a good thing for those that don’t need to. I’m of the thought that most everyone has an area that they avoid confronting change. They ignore that area and act like everything is fine. Unfortunately the reality is that the pain in that area of their life just isn’t great enough. But it is just “Good Enough” for them.

The flip side is that there are many carrying around a pain and a baggage that is so great on a daily basis and Men and women feel stuck and don’t know how to move on from the pain…such as loneliness, heartbreak, emptiness, being out of shape, broken relationships, financial difficulties, seperation, worthiness, & confidence, to name only a fraction of the hurt that people feel.

Pain accumulates and accumulates and we will carry it until the burden gets too great and we have no choice but to seek for a better way to do things differently.

If the pain is so great in areas of your life. Consider it’s not too late to change and to SEEK for a better way, HUNT for your calling and who yo want to become, and therefore be able to LISTEN and get clear.

Question: Where in your life is the pain starting to be so great that you need to make a change?

Question: Where has there been a voice speaking to you asking you to change, but you’ve ignored the knocking?

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!



It is difficult during our normal routines to have a sense of graditude and greatfulness. Isn’t it part of human nature to start the day with a sense of angst about the unknown? It’s easy to get wrapped up in our thoughts of what is to come, then to live in the now then to be greatful for what is.

With the present pandemic & uprooting of our normal routines and habits, we for sure lose a sense of predictability and it makes us feel a lack of control. Even in normal times I would have you consider that we battle daily with wanting to control and avoid any uncomfortable situations.

No doubt that even in normal times it takes intentional selfawarenss to overcome our thoughts and to understand where those thoughts come from. We now see ourselves in sort of a grieving state for what was and are trying to adapt.

I get it! I would not be honest if I told you I didn’t feel the pressure and too fall victim to my mind wandering about what if this happens and what if that happens.

I ask you to go deep within yourself and to search yourself how you can come out of this pandemic time stronger, more selfaware, and more Greatful.

Be greatful for the now and leave what is to come for the future.

~Clarity Hunt~

Stay In It!



How do we define the 3 Pillars of Clarity Hunt in simple words and thoughts?

Awaken, Purge, Out with the old, In with the new, Wanting more, worthiness, who do you want to become, why do you want to become that person, how would you feel to be that person, Yearning, Longing, wanting to feel wanted.

Lion, Lioness, Put in the work, Purposeful, Intentional, Habits, Routines, Structure, Journey, Becoming, The process, Grinding, Showing up, Commited

To the voice that speaks to you, Meditation, Revelation, Direction, Mindfulness, Selfawareness,
Awareness of others, Instinct, thoughts, Intuition, Discernment.

Outcome, Results, Balance, Act of being and becoming, Knowing Purpose.

The 3 Pillars above when committed too will result in more Clarity in your life. NOT PERFECTION! Perfection doesn’t exist. Life is constantly changing, and we either do the work or we don’t. FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE PROCESS OF BECOMING IS ESSENTIAL!

There are good days and there are bad days in commitment for everyone.

However understand your ability to find Clarity will be the direct result of how much work you are willing to do on yourself consistently and where you are going and who you want to become.

When you begin to falter and stop SEEKING you will know longer be able to hunt and listen. There will be nothing that speaks to you. If stopping understanding who you want to become and why you want to become that person, you will not enjoy the process and perfection doesn’t exist!

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!



It is in the night that you always find the light.

Not when things are comfortable. .
The sun will rise tomorrow and you can choose to live presently and victoriously!

Positivity and Love Coming at you!

Stay In It! Stay Strong! Stay On Your Path!

Welcome to the Hunt!


The Voice Inside You

“The Voice” By Shel Silverstein
There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long,
“I feel this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong.”
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend
Or wise man can decide
What’s right for you–just listen to
The voice that speaks inside.”

The End

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


Keep It Simple

Keep it simple! Don’t make it too complicated
It’s not out of the ordinary to feel a little out of balance this time of year. We are transitioning from the holiday season.
Your now more than month into the New Year!
It’s winter, dark, cold one day, not cold the next, rainy, cloudy…etc you get it

For me it’s kind of like no mans land this time of year. This is when it’s important to stay grounded in our habits and routines. It well help you stay focused and propel you forward victoriously into the rest of the year.

So if your feeling a little out of balance!? Don’t sweat it! The good thing is you are self aware and you realize what you need to do. You need to stay committed to what you say your going to do and your routines. Each day the small habits that move you forward.

The tendancy is to want to make it complicated. Because you may have seen some results you may now think about stepping up the game a bit and adding more to your routine and more details.

Just do what you always have done. And stay committed.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


Shift From The Drift!

Chaos in our thoughts and stories, our spirituality, physical bodies, & relationships are inevitable. .
Make no mistake. It will happen. You may be in the middle of your own mind chaos as you read this.
Doesn’t matter who you are, you will get triggered. Man, Woman, Business Leader, Husband, Wife, Community Leader…you name it. You will not be left out.
If you say you don’t get triggered, well good for you… aren’t you amazing! My guess is you also live in a fantasy land like everything is perfect. Go on your marry way and continue being fake and lying to yourself.
For those that feel the chaos…its not a bad thing..its part of life.

Welcome to the Hunt!

*If your in the hunt and seeking and listening for direction on what your next move should be and who you want to become…. then welcome!

*If you here a voice that speaks to you to take action and to become who you envision your future self… then welcome!

*If it’s a voice that constantly whispers to you and no matter how many times you try to suppress that voice..it keeps coming back to you…then welcome!

*If your just trying to be a better husband or wife or father, better all around in business, in fitness, and better about showing up all around….That you know you haven’t shown up but you know you’ve been meant for more!


You’ve been called to go and fulfill your potential with the brilliance that you’ve been made with. Here’s the uncomfortable part……


Because you will have to intentionally plan to grow and finally be committed to become who you say your committed to becoming.

Your commitment will be tested when you get triggered by people & situations. You’ll here a voice that will constantly ask you how bad to you really want it? How far are you willing to travel through the Chaos that will ultimately show up.

Do you even know how to handle the chaos that will ultimately send you into a drift? What tools to you have to help you shift from the drift, off the the exit, and back on the “Growth Highway”.

Chaos is in inevitable & drifting is inevitable! Question is how bad do you really want it!

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


The Weight Is Real!

Can we agree? That’s time to start being honest.
Maybe it means to start… NOT BEING AFRAID to be honest.
~Honest about your fears.
~Honest about your daily addictions and struggles no matter how small you feel they are. ~Honest about just being real about your feelings that suffocate you and as result freeze you. ~Honest about how your marriage is. (We say its good! Oh how wonderful! Job well done on being Good) ~Honest that your tired of just being and living “good” in all areas of your life. Isn’t it just tiring being good.
Also lets stop pretending everyone and ourselves are perfect. Lets stop hiding and refusing to share with others. Remember everything is “Good!” So there’s nothing worth sharing that might help others?
Consider that there no greater freedom from slavery (and your own box) than to be free to share with others. And to not be afraid to do so.

Why are we so afraid of judgement from others? Who cares!

*What are you afraid of and struggle with? *As a result how does that make you hide and limit your possibilities of becoming who you were meant to be? *What can you do today to release yourself from that bondage?

Leave a comment I’d love to be a part of your conversation. Your share & insight helps set me free!
Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


You Will Be Tested!

You will be tested! Celebrating the coming of the New Year is exciting. It’s a time when we reflect on our progress or lack of progress.

However, here is what I’m reminded of. It’s important to stay measured and focused on the task on hand. It’s not about a month of possibilities that motivated us during the new year. It’s about long term results and putting a game plan together for intentional living.

I know its only a matter of time before the daily storms come and the anxieties and negative voices in our heads put up mental road blocks. Here’s my advice to you.

Know what you want, know who you want to become & know how satisfied you are with where you are and who you are right now. If your not satisfied make a game plan and block out all the negative people and thoughts that will be no doubt coming your way. Be committed to small consistent daily victories.

You know you the best. So do……you. In order to do you though you need to know what you want and why you want it. Live intentionally, not be default.

Stay In It! Welcome To The Hunt!


You Must Choose Something Different

Welcome to the Hunt. I would have you consider that there’s a daily journey that most of us find ourselves in. Searching for clarity & certainty in this daily game of life. I would have you consider that accepting “Good” doesn’t have to be the norm any more. Questions & answers like the following have become all the norm. They are safe questions and even safer answers.

How are your kids?….Good ; How’s your marriage?….Good; How’s your Wife or Husband?…Good; How’s work?….Good. Since when did “good” become so acceptable? It’s so easy for it to just roll off our tongues to these questions. Half the time I don’t think we believe that its even that Good! When you were younger did you dream that one day you’ll strive for good in all the various areas of your life?

Consider that you can be more than “Good”. In all areas of your life. In your areas of Fitness, Family, Faith, & Finances. The fact is that as adults we have built up scars through experiences, marriages, failures, & stresses. These scars play out in the form of stories that are often trigger us in certain ways. They cause us to feel a certain way and therefore, act or not act in a certain ways. They can suffocate us. And so being good is the safe play. We get us to asking ourselves “What If Questions” instead of “What if I don’t” Questions.

So our stories play out in such a way that we’ll ask what if I decided to take this loan, or take this Job?….Its a way of thinking based on past experiences. How about asking….What if I don’t?

Where in the areas of your life across the domains of your fitness, family, faith or connection, & finances are you asking the wrong question? Your asking “What If I Do” instead of “What If I don’t.”

“You Must Choose Something Different… if you want your life to be different”

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